How To Approach Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is an incredibly powerful tool, however, this tool will only impact you and those within your sphere of influence if in humility, you purpose to crave the heart of the Father. In doing so, you will naturally desire to know His Word because it brings greater revelation of the Father.

In this article, you will find wisdom and questions that attempt to address the deepest motives of your heart. Although most people will stop right here and not read on because they don’t want the Father to do open heart surgery on them, there are a few people who want just that, because they want their heart to be in right standing with the Father.

I don’t pretend to know it all. I don’t. I don’t pretend to be the wisest man since Solomon. I’m not. I do, however, want to show you what I believe the best approach to learning Logos Bible Software, so that you can properly handle the Word of God and influence those around you with the heart of the Father. If that is you, then read on, as I am confident that you will find this article most helpful.

Choose Humility and be Honest with Yourself

Can we be honest with each other for just the next few minutes? It’s just you and I, and I promise not to share any of the answers to the questions I may ask. But will you commit to one thing (just for the next few minutes)? Will you be completely honest with yourself, and take a minute to honestly answer the questions that I have for you? You don’t have to answer them out loud. In fact, you can just answer them in your head if you want.

Humility goes a long way in the learning process. If you don’t begin here, you will face potholes on your journey through life. I’m going to ask a hard question of you, but by answering this question honestly, it has the potential of saving you a lot of pain and heartache.

Why do you want to learn Logos Bible Software?

  • Is it so that you can be looked upon by your congregants and peers as one who “really knows the Word”, and therefore is very spiritual?
  • Is it so that you can feed your ego?
  • Is it so that you can impress others?

Or, is it so that you are so in love with the Father that you highly revere the Word of the Lord, that you want to ensure that you handle it with care, being sure to thoroughly comprehend His Word. Is it that you want to share the revelation of the Father clarity and distinction?

If you want to learn Logos Bible Software for any reason other than to know the Father more, and to share that revelation with others, please don’t endeavor to learn Logos. You won’t be advancing the Kingdom of God, but instead, be working against His Kingdom.

Now, if you are ready, let’s take a look at some practical things you can do right now, things that will have an enormous impact your life, and at the same time, pave the way for the Holy Spirit communicate His Word to those in your sphere of influence.

Fall in Love with the Father

If there is any hope of you communicating the heart of the Father, you must first know the heart of the Father yourself. When I use the term, “know”, I’m referring to spiritual intimacy with the Father.

The Father has designed humanity with a hole in their heart, and that hole can only be filled through an intimate relationship with God the Father. You have been created to want more, and that ‘more’ can only be satisfied by continually drinking from the fountain of living water that he offers. Knowing the heart of the Father is to spend one’s life drinking from that fountain, always craving more of him. The only satisfaction found is in drinking more of Him.

Let’s assume for a moment that you are not there. Let’s assume for a moment that you do not currently crave to drink the water he offers. In humility, tell him this. Be honest with him. Tell him that you want to drink from his waters. Tell him that you want to fall in love with him all over again. From the bottom of your heart, share with him in honesty. He will respect that. He will listen to you. He’s been waiting for you.

Note that strong relationships can’t be rushed. They only grow through vulnerability. I would encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart. Choose vulnerability. He won’t bite. He will only love on you.

Fall in Love with His Word

You can’t communicate the heart of the Father without loving his Word. Think of the first time you received a love letter. I bet you read it over and over again, trying to discern the nuance of every word written. You would read it over and over again. Why? Because you loved the person who sent it to you.

Don’t just familiarize yourself with His Word. Invest in your relationship with the Father by pondering his Word. It’s in the pondering that the Holy Spirit addresses your heart. Once your heart is in alignment with what you have read, he will then bring revelation to you so that you can communicate His heart.

The Father wants to feed your Soul, and he does this by bringing revelation through his Word. It goes without saying, the more time you humbly spend in his Word, the more the Holy Spirit will reveal the Father to you. It is the revelation of his Word that draws you closer to the him.

The Goal is to Communicate the Heart of the Father

In 1 Corinthians, Paul said, “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.” If you preach the Word without love, you are just like the person at the end of the marching band clanging their cymbal obnoxiously.

If you communicate the heart of the Father, it is like streams of living water in a dry desert. Refreshing to all who listen. Even rejuvenating. It’s about communicating the revelation that the Father brings to you from his Word.

Spend time with the Father. Invest time with the Father. Logos is only a tool. It is not the Word of God. Be sure to spend more time with the Father than you spend in Logos Bible Software. Though Logos is an unbelievably phenomenal tool, however, it is only a tool. Be careful to develop your relationship with the Father, not with the tool. Only the Father breathes life.

Now, once you are in alignment with the Father, I encourage you to use Logos Bible Software to learn all you can. Each day, invest all the time and energy you can afford to master the tools found in Logos.