Tim Chesonis

This website is for people who love God, who want to dig into the Word to gain a deeper understanding of what the Father is communicating through his Word.

My Story

Both my wife and I graduated from the University of Valley Forge in 1992 (back when it was called Valley Forge Christian College). Over the years, we have served as Youth Pastors, Home Missions Pastors, an Associate Pastor, Church planters, and we are now pastoring a church in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

We want to see people grow and develop in their relationship with the Father, and show people how to express the Father’s love in practical ways. Everything that we do, is to that end.

Believe it or not, I’m not an academic. I’m just an average guy who loves the Lord, my wife and family, and finds fulfillment in expressing God’s love in practical ways. My wife and I have two awesome adult kids, Katie, and Andrew who chose fantastic spouses. What a blessing they are.

On a personal note, I really enjoy working with computers, building websites, writing, and of course, playing with Logos Bible Software. I find it fun, and if you have read any of the articles I have written on this website, or have take any of the courses provided here, you undoubtedly know just how fun it is to use Logos Bible Software.

I started using Logos Bible Software when Logos 4 was released, back in 2009. As silly as this may sound, when I first bought it, I actually thought that I would turn into a Bible scholar overnight. Literally, overnight.

But then reality set in, and I quickly became intimidated by it. I found that I could look up a passage in Scripture, but not much beyond that. Unfortunately, I allowed that intimidation to rule over me for years. One day, I decided to punch the Intimidation-bully, and started to learn how to use Logos Bible Software one baby-step at a time. I’m still learning, and always will be.

In reading my story, and the articles found on this site, I hope that you are inspired to punch your intimidation-bully in the face too. The learning process can be fun by just taking small baby-steps. Before you know it, you’ll look back and see just how far you have come.